Being Maniac

Independent of nations, borders, ideologies and differences.
Throughout history, people living in the middle of a planet in eternity have been pushed to be similar beings and have been stuck in a soulless circle and removed from being themselves. Those who acted with a free mind and did not stop defending their thoughts in every way were considered "other".
The "other" people became themselves by rejecting these situations, and they decided to join forces with maniacs like themselves and make an effort for a better world.
The aim of the project is to bring a new perspective to people who have to keep up with the system in today's world and cannot see the beauty of differences.
Being maniac; defying the restriction of freedom, rejecting to become ordinary and monotonous, going against the system and its rules; it is a movement created by people who are aware of their uniqueness and believe that the rare is attractive.
If you want to rebel against the monotony brought by the system, welcome aboard!
Being involved in the ManiaxNFT project; It will have very different meanings other than having an NFT. When we change our whitepaper version, you will be able to see the different meanings we mentioned.