Frequuently Asked Quuestions
1- How can I get a Maniac? First of all you must have a Metamask Wallet and integrated it into Avalanche C-Chain. If it seems so complex to you, don't worry, we already have detailed content that guides you.
​Check guide here!​
2- When will I get a Maniac? You can mint Maniac(s) on chosen marketplace at the mint date. Minting will be categorized as 2 sections which names are Whitelist and PublicSale. Mint dates will be announced soon on our website and social media channels.
Stay tune for being more maniac!
3- What is the NFT price in the project? Public Sale price is set at 1 AVAX.
4- Why did we choose ‘AXE’ as the emoji? Throughout the Maniax adventure, we aim to raise awareness by working on all of us' common problems. In other words, we aim to 'axe' all of the evil in the world.
5- How could I follow the developments? You can follow our latest news and developments on our website and social media channels. Also we are planning to create V2.0 Roadmap&Whitepaper for our brand new events, benefits and partners that we offer.
Stay in touch for all of these!
6- How many Maniax can I buy? People who join us will be able to have a maximum of 10 maniacs in total for one wallet.
7- Why just 10 Maniacs for a wallet? We know that we have a responsibility towards everyone involved in the project. Although we aim to be Sold-Out, we do not want whales in the project. We are developing a fair earnings model. Our goal is to build a great community with a well-balanced distribution that invests the money earned from the project into the project instead of making money by selling NFTs, and constantly improving the maniacs.
8- What will happen after the ManiaxNft series? In the continuation of the series, firstly we will fulfill all of the responsibilities that we plan to do first. We want to show the beauties of being Maniac and being different with the trend we are trying to create.
Secondly after Sold-Out, we will come together in Antalya. Before the fun, we would like to introduce you our second series WomaniaxNFT.
WomaniaxNFT series will be claim who was in Maniax whitelist. So maniacs will be very important to open to the whole ecosystem. All sharing whitelists and being HeartManiax is a KEY.
9- What makes us special? 9.1.Zeos First of all, our artist Zeos, who created our art, makes us different. He is a graphic designer and graffiti is his main interest. You can look his instagram profile with username of Zeos2305.
He is coming from artistic spiritual family. More than 100 years, some of his family members became musicians, painters and even poets throughout his family-tree. He grew up in a ghetto and is very confident to show his artworks to this new NFT world. Digital drawing, charcoal three-dimensional drawings are available.
This is important: 1 year means 52 weeks. Last 11 years, 51 weeks for every year and the everyday Zeos drew something valuable for his art consistently.
9.2 Motto In an age where details and subtleties are ignored; defying the restriction of freedom, rejecting to become ordinary and monotonous, going against the system and its rules comprehend the virtue and value of being human, free from judgment, struggling against inequality ; it is a movement created by people who are aware of their uniqueness and believe that the rare is attractive.
ManiaxNFT which consists of a new generation of free minds, advocates decentralized freedom and consciousness of goodness. It is the platform of the stance against the concepts and problems in the black list it has determined.
9.3 Maniac Point Chart MPC While creating the MPC, we were interested in the rarity points of the NFTs and how maniac their owners were, apart from how many NFTs you had. We also know that our members are maniacs and being a maniac is different from having an NFT. For this reason, there will be a scoreboard that we have created by taking into account all the manias you have experienced before, in the activities we will do while forming our community.
Rarity: Each Maniac NFT has a rarity score. This score depends on the Maniac’s features and it changes logarithmically. The scores of all the characters in the series range between 55 and 100. The character score may be proportional to the coin win rate in the game.
9.4 Events Give us color! Choose one of the empty Maniac anatomies in the channel, download it and share it with us on the #give-us-color channel after you paint it as you wish! You can paint anatomies from anywhere you want (Adobe, Paint or print out and paint by hand). We just expect you to send the painted version of the anatomy, the method that you choose is not important. Decide your color palette and give us some color!
All-around-the-maniac Choose your favorite Maniax on this channel and print it. (whether A4, A5, A6 format or as a sticker, any way you like) After that take a photo of the Maniac in the most beautiful place in your city and share it with us on the #all-around-the-maniac channel! The selected images will be shared on our social media accounts by tagging the owner of the photo.
Maniac-animals We want you to share a photo or video of your pet's most Maniac moment with us on this #maniac-animals channel! The selected image will be shared on our social media accounts with the hashtag '#themostmaniacanimalever' by tagging the owner.
ADRENALIN Are you ready to remember the most adrenaline-filled, exciting moment of your life? The concept is entirely up to you, it can be a bit of a crazy moment or it can be an experience filled with adrenaline to the deepest! Share your most Maniac moment with us as a Video or Photo via our #adrenalin channel!
#wallpaperX Choose any of the Maniax on this channel, download it, make a background on your phone or computer and share the image of your screen with us on our #wallpaperX channel.
Maniac-stories We want you to share with us the story of the most Maniac memory you have ever experienced, in a text form, on the #maniac-stories channel! We don't have any limits for text as long as you can explain to us your story. (It can be just a paragraph or a whole page, it's up to you.)
#memeX Following the Maniax philosophy, we want you to prepare the most creative meme and share it with us on the #memeX channel! The selected memes will also be shared on our social media channels and we will tag the owner in the post/tweet.
#Movie-Movie-Movie Movie lovers here! Choose a movie that you think has a really Maniac ending and share it with us on our #Movie-Movie-Movie channel!
#Musica Share the song you think is the most suitable for ManiaxNFT philosophy via our #Musica channel!
Photomania At this event, we want you to share with us the most Maniac photo you've ever taken! At this event, we want you to share with us the most Maniac photo you've ever taken on this #photomania channel! It can be a breathtaking sunset photo, a celestial event you caught by chance, or a snapshot of a Maniac moment you witnessed :D The concept is entirely up to you!
9.5- Token We will be able to start to take a closer look at the token world opened with NFT. We are a team of competent people who have an infrastructure in software technology and have worked in the field of token economy. We have plans in the area of token and management. But first you have to insert the key and open the lock and the door. If we predict that we will reach a sufficient sales rate and create a community; we will produce and airdrop our token. User benefits will vary by MPC. We are not trying to sell hope.
In the these days, games are currently managed with the Ponzi system.While the first people who enter the system are profitable, those who are included later cannot make a profit. In the system that we will share with you, we are developing a system where every new user can take advantage.
9.6- Holders ManiaxNFT owners will be able to earn Tokens in return for holding their products for the specified time and take their place in the project that will be announced in the V2.0 Whitepaper.
9.7- Store We want to create a brand that reflects our style. On a global scale, people who want to buy products from our brand will also be able to shop in exchange for tokens. You will buy the products you like by connecting your wallet on the specified website.
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